Tuesday, 8 July 2008

An Award

I haven't been around for the last week as I have been up to London visiting a friend, and while I was away Jo has given me this award

this is the first award I have had, not sure I deserve it, but thank you very much for it Jo, you are such an inspiration to me.

The rules of this award is that I have to pass this on to seven people which is a hard job because there are so many fantastic blogs out there to choose from but here's my choice... Annie, Bev, Joanne, Kath, Leann, Stacey, and Vanessa. Please look at these blogs they have all inspired me with their wonderful work.


  1. thankyou so much ~lovely surprise!!
    vanessa xx

  2. Hi Jose
    Thanks of thinking of me but I have already received this 4 times - I am all awarded out
    Thanks anyway

  3. You're very welcome Jose and it is very much deserved!!

  4. Thanks Jose for your visit and nice comments in my blog:) I have added the dolls, please do have a look.

    Congrats for the award.... you really deserve one!!!